Avail the Best Biopsy Test Cost in Kolkata Here at Quadra

    If you are looking for an affordable biopsy test cost in Kolkata, Quadra is your destination!

    Quadra has been at the forefront of accessible diagnostic services available at economic rates. We possess top-quality equipment, coupled with expert doctors and trained staff.

    We offer a comprehensive range of biopsies including those for bone marrow, DIF kidney, DIF skin, liver, and kidney. Our pathology department has been involved with critical biopsy tests in Kolkata since 2001.

    Why You May Need a Biopsy

    A biopsy is a procedure in which a needle is inserted through your body to reach the body part of interest. Samples of cells, tissues, or fluid are collected by the needle. The needle is then extracted, and the samples are sent to the laboratory for testing.

    While cancer is the most common reason for a biopsy test, you may be recommended a biopsy if you present any of the following symptoms:

    • Detection of mass of unknown origin in any body part, especially lumps in breasts.
    • Chronic hepatitis
    • Change in a mole and possibility of melanoma.
    • Extended illness not responding to usual medications.

    Personal or family history of cancer

    The Cost of Biopsy Test in Kolkata: Key Determining factors

    While biopsy may sound like a routine procedure, there are a few factors that determine the final cost of the procedure, including the testing. Here’s a list of some of them:

    • Type of biopsy—needle, endoscopic, skin, bone marrow, or surgical
    • Type of tests to be conducted on the samples
    • Type of reporting, for example CAP protocol for cancer reporting
    • Additional procedure following the biopsy
    • Location and type of facility—diagnostic laboratory or hospital
    • Admission and consultancy fees

    Qualifications and experience of doctors

    Affordable Biopsy Test Price in Kolkata

    While the cost of a biopsy test for a minor issue may be cheap, a more complex procedure can cost ten times the price. At Quadra, it is our mission to offer all the biopsy tests at affordable prices in Kolkata.

    We ensure that the patient is well-informed of the total and possible costs of the biopsy test, in the event any additional tests are required. We educate our patients about the types of biopsy tests available at all of our four branches and recommend the most suitable and economical ones.

    Our staff is trained to conduct efficient procedures and accurate testing. Our pathology department is headed by experts in anatomical pathology and clinical pathology.

    Why Choose Quadra for Biopsy in Kolkata?

    At Quadra, we believe in continuous upgradation, as evidenced by the modernisation of our pathology lab completed in 2008. Since then, Quadra has strived to incorporate additional equipment to enable efficient biopsy tests in Kolkata at reasonable prices.

    We possess top-of-the-line equipment with high accuracy and rapid processing times. Moreover, our biopsy tools are chosen for their superior properties and features.

    If you would like a biopsy test at a superlative facility, Quadra is your answer.

    Call us today at 03366012345/03349508000 for a quick quote for the biopsy test price at Quadra! If you prefer WhatsApp, click here to send us a message!

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