You are currently viewing PSMA PET CT Scan Costs in Kolkata: A Guide for Patients

PSMA PET CT Scan Costs in Kolkata: A Guide for Patients

PSMA PET CT Scan Costs in Kolkata: A Guide for Patients

PSMA PET scan—short for prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography—is a type of imaging test that helps detect prostate cancer. The radioactive substance used in this test targets the PSMA protein, which is indicative of prostate cancer, giving it higher accuracy compared to other imaging tests.

What Is PSMA-PET CT Scan in Kolkata, and Why Is It Needed?

During a PSMA PET scan in Kolkata, the doctor will inject a small radioactive molecule through the vein, with Gallium-68 being the most commonly used radioactive matter. The PSMA antigen, found specifically in prostate cancer cells, attracts this molecule. When the whole body is scanned, the radioactive part is lit up. A higher concentration of this radioactive tracer material in one area of the body suggests a possible cancer site and gives the doctor a clear image of the potential prostate cancer location.

This is considered one of the most accurate means of finding the extent to which prostate cancer has spread inside the body, thereby allowing doctors to plan the treatment for their patients better.

What to Consider Before Undergoing the Scan?

Before undergoing a PSMA PET CT scan, patients need to keep a few things in mind.

Clinical need:

Individuals should undergo a PSMA PET scan only when their doctor advises them to do so based on other clinical indications.


You must fast for around 4-6 hours before the scan and share your medication details with the centre.

After the scan:

Adequate rest is advised after the scan. You should also follow your doctor’s instructions on fluid intake, medication, etc.

Interpreting results:

While the radiologist will prepare the scan report, it is important that you discuss it with your consultant oncologist to devise an accurate treatment plan.

Following up:

Your doctor may ask for additional tests besides the scan to plan the best treatment approach for your condition.

Patient Factors

Patient health condition:

Patients suffering from various health conditions may need additional tests and care to better diagnose them.

Additional treatments:

A patient may require further treatment after the coronary CT scan, increasing overall expenses.

Factors Impacting PSMA PET Scan Prices in Kolkata

A PSMA PET scan cost in Kolkata, when done at one of the leading diagnostic centres, usually starts at around Rs. 25,000. Some of the factors that influence the testing costs are as follows:

Type of facility:

It will cost you more to get the scan done at a major corporate hospital. When you choose a smaller nursing home or diagnostic centre, it is relatively cheaper.

Preferred radioisotope:

Gallium-68 is the most common isotope used for a PSMA PET CT scan in Kolkata, but it is more expensive than isotopes such as Fluorine-18. The scan cost will depend on which isotope the facility uses.

Additional overheads:

You may be required to consult an oncologist before the scan, which will incur additional costs. Some facilities do not include documentation and report charges within the initial quote; instead, they add them later at the time of the final billing.

Insurance cover:

Certain insurance plans may partially or fully cover the PSMA PET scan prices, reducing your out-of-pocket cost burden. Read through your policy coverage and terms to find out if your insurance plan covers these costs.

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