Affordable PSMA PET CT Scan in Kolkata for Accurate Diagnosis

    PSMA PET-CT, short for Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography, represents a form of medical imaging used in detecting and evaluating prostate cancer in men. A special radioactive tracer is used which binds to the specific PSMA protein that shows enhanced activity in prostate cancer cells. A PET scanner detects the positron emissions from this tracer and creates a 3D imagery of the affected prostate gland and neighbouring tissues.

    This PSMA PET scan in Kolkata is often accompanied by a CT scan for enhanced anatomical information gathering. It also provides the precise location of those areas having an accumulation of PSMA tracer elements.

    Why Doctors Recommend PSMA PET CT Scan In Kolkata?

    Prostate cancer has emerged as one of the most common forms of cancer in men with India having one of the largest case burdens in the world. A PSMA PET-CT scan is viewed as a confirmatory test for prostate cancer detection at any stage of the disease. Your doctor will recommend this scan to:

    • Detect prostate cancer and evaluate the damage.
    • Disease stage determination.
    • Monitor treatment responsiveness.
    • Detect recurrences.

    Things to Remember During A PSMA PET CT in Kolkata

    Keep in mind these do’s and don’ts for patients before undergoing a PSMA PET CT scan in Kolkata.


    • Follow your doctor’s instructions to prepare for the scan. You may need to avoid certain medications or fast before the procedure.
    • Let your physician know of any allergies, especially to contrast agents administered before medical imaging.
    • Keep your mind relaxed and calm through the process, you will be guided at every step by the technician running the scans.
    • Immediately inform the doctor in case of any unusual symptoms or discomfort while undergoing the scan.


    • Avoid eating or drinking anything few hours prior to the scan as the food may interfere with test results. You are only allowed to drink water.
    • Smoking or any other form of tobacco consumption is not allowed several hours before the test.
    • Remove all forms of jewellery and metallic objects from your body as they affect accuracy.
    • Remain still during the scan as unnecessary movements can blur the resultant images and render the process ineffective.

    Also remember to follow any other specific instruction or guideline from your physician or healthcare provider before starting the procedure. This will ensure the scan yields an accurate and safe result.

    What To Expect from Best Centre for PSMA PET scan In Kolkata?

    A reputed diagnostic centre in Kolkata will prioritize your safety and well-being when you arrive for a PSMA PET CT scan. A team of specialists will guide you on what you can expect during the process and how to best prepare for it. Patients are afforded high-quality care in a safe and hygienic environment at the best diagnostic facilities, limiting the chances of contracting any infection. A PSMA PET scan cost in Kolkata from a leading service provider starts at around Rs. 20,000.

    Why Choose Quadra for PSMA PET scan In Kolkata?

    Quadra provides an unparalleled experience in PSMA PET scans which makes us a preferred name for someone in need of medical imagery services.

    Advanced equipment:

    We conduct all our tests using the latest technology and equipment which produces accurate results.

    Experienced staff:

    Our highly experienced and professional team ensures the best possible care and individual attention for every patient.

    Affordable service:

    Quadra provides highly competitive rates which makes our services affordable and accessible to one and all.

    Looking for some guidance on PSMA PET scan in Kolkata? Talk to an expert at Quadra on (033)-66012345/ (033)-49508000 and we will help you out with your queries. You can also easily book an appointment or schedule a consultation on WhatsApp.

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