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How to Find the Right Facility for 128 Slice CT Angiography in Kolkata

How to Find the Right Facility for 128 Slice CT Angiography in Kolkata

A form of diagnostic imaging, CT angiography or CT angiogram (CTA), uses computed tomography (CT) scans to produce detailed internal imagery of the blood vessels within the human body. It is a common method used in the diagnosis and monitoring of various disorders in the veins and arteries, such as blockages and aneurysms.

How to Choose the Best Facility for 128 Slice CT Angiography in Kolkata?

If you have never had a scan before and are unsure what to expect from a 128-slice CT angiography in Kolkata, the prospect of undergoing the procedure can prove overwhelming. To help you make the right decision, here are some factors to consider when choosing a diagnostic centre to get your scans done.

Does the facility offer the latest scanning technology?

When choosing a suitable diagnostic centre, check for the number of slices of the CT scan machine. A slice refers to the cross-sectional image of the body, and a machine with a higher slice count produces better image quality, thereby aiding in a more accurate diagnosis. Any facility with state-of-the-art equipment will have a CT scan machine with a higher slice count.

How do they help patients with claustrophobia?

Undergoing a CT scan can be challenging for someone who is claustrophobic. The best diagnostic centres have machines that offer patients an ambient experience and create the illusion of enhanced lighting and space, helping them overcome the effects of claustrophobia. Let the centre know of your issues and enquire if they can make the necessary arrangements to provide a comfortable experience.

Do they have specialised radiologists and anaesthetists?

Occasionally, when undergoing a 128-slice CT scan in Kolkata, the patient may be asked to remain still inside the machine to obtain clear scan images. They may even require sedation by a professional anaesthetist to help them stay calm.

Further, having the latest equipment is not enough if the diagnostic centre does not have a specialised radiologist to interpret the scan results. Employing organ-specific radiologists sets apart the best diagnostic facilities and helps patients get accurately diagnosed for their conditions.

When can they deliver the scan reports?

Preparing and delivering the scan report in hard copy usually takes a while. However, you can get the soft copy of your CT angiography delivered in less than half an hour. Check with the diagnostic centre how long it will take to hand over the scan results. Leading diagnostic service providers like Quadra also send email and SMS alerts to their patients to inform them when the report is ready. You can also ask them to share the reports directly with your doctor to speed up the diagnosis.

Do they offer competitive rates?

The same 128-slice CT angiography in Kolkata can have varying rates across diagnostic centres. Find out the reasons behind the difference – mostly, those with the latest machines and running on advanced technology command a premium over competitors. Ensure that your chosen service provider is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help you diagnose your condition better.

Why You Should Choose Quadra

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