You are currently viewing CT Coronary Scan Costs in Kolkata: A Guide for Patients

CT Coronary Scan Costs in Kolkata: A Guide for Patients

CT Coronary Scan Costs in Kolkata: A Guide for Patients

A CT coronary scan is used to find the abnormal areas within the coronary arteries that could possibly be the cause behind blockages or narrowing of the blood vessels. Doctors use this scan to detect underlying cardiac ailments and plan an appropriate treatment. In this blog, we will help guide you to find the best CT coronary scan in Kolkata price.

Are CT Coronary Scans Expensive?

In a CT coronary scan, special dyes are used to evaluate the blood vessels inside the heart. It helps detect blockages within the coronary arteries, which hinder the heart’s normal blood supply. This type of CT scan can identify blockages that other methods, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) or a regular angiogram, were likely to pass over.

A CT coronary scan is usually pretty expensive in Western countries. However, India has made great strides in medical technology, and some of the best facilities for coronary scans can be found across Indian cities. Getting the procedure done at a leading diagnostic centre in Kolkata is much cheaper than in a developed country.

Factors Driving CT Coronary Scan Cost in Kolkata

There are several factors at play when it comes to determining a CT coronary scan cost in Kolkata. These can be broadly classified into hospital, medical team, and patient factors, and are discussed below.

Medical Team Factors

Use of technology:

Does the procedure involve using advanced technology or legacy equipment?

Staff expertise:

How experienced and qualified are the staff members and technicians? Highly skilled personnel command higher rates, but you are assured of good quality of care.

Patient Factors

Patient health condition:

Patients suffering from various health conditions may need additional tests and care to better diagnose them.

Additional treatments:

A patient may require further treatment after the coronary CT scan, increasing overall expenses.

How to Find Affordable CT Coronary Scan Cost In Kolkata?

The average CT coronary scan in Kolkata price starts at around Rs. 50,000. It is always a good idea to call various service providers and get their quotations to determine who is giving you the best deal. When it comes to matters of health, cost should not be the only deciding factor. You also need to factor in the reputation of the place in terms of quality of care and hygiene standards. The testing centre should ideally have state-of-the-art infrastructure and a professional team capable of providing a comfortable experience to the patients. They should also be well-equipped to handle medical emergencies, if any.

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