You are currently viewing Chest CT Scan in Kolkata: Where to Find the Best Cost and Quality

Chest CT Scan in Kolkata: Where to Find the Best Cost and Quality

Chest CT Scan in Kolkata: Where to Find the Best Cost and Quality

If your doctor has recommended a chest CT scan and you are losing sleep over the procedure, worry not! It is a very simple process that will give a clear picture of the internal body structure and help your doctor identify the root cause of your ailments. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, a team of highly trained and expert professionals, and award-winning services, we at Quadra offer you the very best in diagnostics. We also take price in our affordable chest CT scan price in Kolkata which makes it accessible to everyone.

What is Chest CT Scan?

Chest CT scan, or Lungs CT scan (also called computed tomography scan) is a diagnostic radio-imaging procedure that uses special rotating X-ray machine and computer for generating cross-sectional images of the chest and lungs. A painless, safe, and fast procedure, it is commonly used to identify and diagnose congenital or acquired lung disorders such as chronic lung diseases, interstitial lung diseases, or pneumonia. A chest CT scan is also useful in detecting lung tumours early. It is non-invasive, so the patient is not required to be under observation and is free to leave as soon as the procedure is completed.

Why is a Chest CT Scan Needed?

You may be asked to undergo a chest CT scan if your doctor has reason to suspect a lung disorder. This test helps in diagnosing critical lung disorders such as:

  • Lung tumours, both benign and malignant.
  • Congenital conditions and abnormalities.
  • Conditions such as inflammation that affect the pleura (covering of the lungs).
  • Cystic fibrosis or bronchiectasis.

A chest CT scan also has other uses including:

  • In case of signs and symptoms of chest diseases such as fever, chest pain, cough, or breathlessness, a chest CT scan helps identify the root cause.
  • Detecting tumour growth in the chest or evaluating the extent to which tumours spreading from other parts of the body have grown around the lungs.
  • Assessing the response of tumours to treatments, and planning radiation therapy if required.
  • Evaluating internal injuries in the chest area and the impact on spine, ribs, heart, and blood vessels.

Factors That Impact Chest CT Scan Prices in Kolkata

There are several factors at play when it comes to determining a chest CT scan cost in Kolkata. The location of the testing centre is an important factor. A facility’s infrastructure, use of advanced testing equipment, and staff also influences the overall expense. The body part being subjected to the scan is another determining factor.

Typically, chest CT scan price in Kolkata starts from around Rs. 5,000. While cheaper alternatives are available, you may not be assured of a reliable result. However, at Quadra, we take pride in providing our customers affordable rates with the guarantee of high-quality service.

Get The Best Chest CT Scan Cost in Kolkata at Quadra

Quadra provides the best chest CT scan in Kolkata at highly competitive rates that ensures our services are accessible to everyone. Using advanced technology manned by a highly skilled and experienced team, we are here to take care of all your diagnostic requirements.

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