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    Your destination for high-quality, reliable, and prompt CT scans at affordable CT scan charges in Kolkata.

    At Quadra, we provide best-in-class CT scans using the Dual Energy Twin Beam 128-slice CT Scan system. This allows us to produce highly accurate results in exceptional detail at a short turnaround time.

    As one of the leading diagnostic centres in Kolkata, we are trusted by doctors and specialists for our expertise in performing advanced investigations such as CT Coronary Angiogram, Angio of all body parts, Ablation Codiac Ganglion Block, along with all regular diagnostic tests. With Quadra, you get the perfect match of quality and reasonable CT scan prices in Kolkata!

    Why You May Need a CT Scan

    CT scans offer more detailed images than standard X-rays for accurate medical diagnosis. Therefore, doctors may request a CT scan to:

    • Assess lung, heart, liver, abdominal, and pelvic conditions
    • Detect fractures or bone dislocation
    • Observe and monitor tumours or staging cancer
    • Identify head, brain, and spinal abnormalities
    • Locate lesions, infections, injuries, and blood clots

    The specific reasons for ordering a CT scan can vary depending on the patient’s symptoms, medical history, and the doctor’s clinical judgment.

    A Wide Range of CT Scans Under One Roof

    At Quadra Diagnostics, we provide CT scans for the evaluation of an array of complex conditions. Our state-of-the-art diagnostics and imaging facility in Kolkata boasts cutting-edge equipment, which allows us to deliver top-quality care and outcomes. You can count on us for superior diagnostics and interpretation of your results by our specialists.

    Our CT Scan services include:

    • Routine Scan
    • CT Angiography
    • Three Phase Scan
    • Dual Energy Study
    • 3D Reconstruction
    • CT Guided Invasive Procedures

    What Determines CT Scan Price in Kolkata?

    Are you wondering, “How much does a CT scan cost in Kolkata?” A CT scan can be a relatively expensive scan, which sends most people into long consideration. Several factors contribute to the pricing of CT scans, including the type of scan, the complexity of the procedure, and the equipment used. Additionally, the reputation and expertise of the diagnostic centre also influence the cost.

    At Quadra Diagnostics, we understand the importance of providing transparent pricing and ensuring that our services are within reach for everyone across the city. We are passionate about bringing top-class diagnostics to the city while keeping our prices competitive.

    Get the Best CT Scan Costs at Quadra: A Combo of Quality and Affordability

    CT scans are an invaluable tool in modern medicine, aiding in detecting, diagnosing, and treating various conditions. With its unwavering commitment to providing affordable and high-quality CT scans, Quadra Diagnostics ensures that patients in Kolkata have access to accurate and reliable imaging services.

    With our 23 years of experience, commitment to excellence, and continual technological advancements, Quadra Diagnostics remains dedicated to providing Kolkata with accessible, top-quality diagnostic services.

    If you’re searching for “CT scan costs near me,” call us on our hotline no. 03366012345 or Whatsapp us at 6290821944. Our team will be happy to give you the best CT scan cost estimate.    

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