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Understanding the EMG NCV Test: What to Expect in Kolkata

Understanding the EMG NCV Test: What to Expect in Kolkata

If doctors have to measure the electrical activity of your nerves and muscles, they will recommend an electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction study (NCV). An EMG test analyses the electrical signals from the muscles both when in use and while in resting condition. A nerve conduction study helps measure the speed and quality of transmission of these electrical signals along the nerves.

These tests can either be done separately or simultaneously. With an EMG NCV test in Kolkata, your doctor can determine if there is any kind of disorder in your nerves or muscles.

What You Will Experience During EMG Test in Kolkata

In the event that you are undergoing both tests, the service provider will start with the nerve conduction study.

For EMG Testing

  • Your doctor will ask you to lie or sit down on a bed or table.
  • The technician will clean the area to be tested and pierce the muscle with a needle electrode. This is a special wire through which mild electric current is made to flow. Patients often complain of mild discomfort or pain during this process.
  • The machine records the electrical signals from the muscles under rest position.
  • You will be asked to slowly and steadily contract the muscles for the machine to record this activity.
  • The technician may move the electrode to record muscular activity in a different body part.
  • The recorded electrical activity is displayed as spikes and waves on a screen.

For Nerve Conduction Study:

  • As with the previous process, you will be asked to lie or sit on a bed or table.
  • This is a noninvasive procedure, so multiple stimulating electrodes will be attached to various nerves using paste or tape. These electrodes deliver mild electrical pulses to the nerve endings.
  • More electrodes will be attached to the muscles controlled by the nerves fitted with the stimulating electrodes.
  • Small electrical pulses will be sent through the stimulating electrodes to stimulate the nerves and transmit further signals to the muscles. You will likely experience a mild tingling sensation at this moment.
  • The time taken by the muscle to respond to these nerve signals is recorded to determine the response speed, also known as conduction velocity.

How to Prepare for the Tests?

No major preparation is involved for an EMG test in Kolkata. Inform your doctor if you are fitted with a cardiac defibrillator or pacemaker so that special precautions can be taken. It is advisable to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes so that the test area is easily accessible, or you can easily change into a hospital gown if required. Avoid using perfumes, creams, or lotions for at least a couple of days before the tests to keep the skin around the testing area clean.

An EMG NCV test cost in Kolkata usually starts at around Rs. 3,500 and increases based on various factors such as the quality of infrastructure and reputation of the chosen diagnostic centre.

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