You are currently viewing Foetal Echocardiography in Kolkata: The Purpose, Procedure & Cost

Foetal Echocardiography in Kolkata: The Purpose, Procedure & Cost

Foetal Echocardiography in Kolkata: The Purpose, Procedure & Cost

It is seen that heart defect is one of the most common abnormalities for unborn babies. One out of hundred is born with this defect.

If the doctor suspects something during anomaly scan (TIFFA or ultrasound level II scan), he would recommend Foetal Echocardiography. A scan that provides detailed study about your baby’s heart.

In this blog, we will take you through the details of foetal echocardiography, why is it needed and the foetal echocardiography cost in Kolkata.

What is Foetal Echocardiography ?

Foetal echocardiography, also known as foetal echo scan is a specialized ultrasound test performed to do a detailed study about the structure, size, position and function of an unborn baby’s heart. Generally done during the second trimester of the pregnancy, that is between 18 and 24 weeks.

The scan is carried out with a small probe called transducer, placed on your abdomen to send ultrasonic sound waves received through you from your baby’s heart tissues. These waves are received on a computer screen as image of the heart walls and valves that helps the doctor to get a detailed information about your baby’s heart. 

Another way to perform foetal echocardiography is carrying out trans-vaginal ultrasound, in which a small probe is placed inside your vagina. Usually this process is done during the early stages of pregnancy. This procedure produces a much clearer image than that of abdominal ultrasound.

Why is Foetal Echocardiogram done?

The foetal echocardiography helps to understand how the blood flows through the baby’s arteries and veins. Further, the scan also detects other abnormalities such as:

Why this test is important?

If your doctor, unfortunately, diagnoses a condition it’s better to manage your pregnancy prior to the delivery. Your doctor will help you to find and manage everything. Results from the test can help your doctor to plan the treatment your baby may need. Further, support from medical staff with regard to counselling can help you decide better and take good decisions.

Foetal echocardiography test cost in Kolkata

Though many diagnostic centres offer foetal echocardiography test in Kolkata, however, it’s always better to choose the right and trustworthy centre. As foetal echocardiography test is a vital test for your unborn baby, you must choose the right and reliable centre.

Foetal echocardiography cost in Kolkata depends upon various parameters such as location, how well-equipped is the test centre, quality service, presence of renowned doctors and skilled technicians, etc. But before you go for such a test in Kolkata look out for a trustworthy diagnostic centre and compare the prices.


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